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 1 - Company details
The Website is realised by:

Theories Landscapes Ltd Limited Company

Company Number: 4562439
Unit 3B, Bramfield Place Farm Buildings
Phone 0207 254 7282
Email: jac@theorieslandscapes.co.uk
 2 - Design and Web hosting
Plublishing Manager: Theories Landscapes Ltd.
The Website has been designed and is hosted by www.abc-idea.com.
 3 - Our Services
Garden design in London
 4 - Users information
Security of Information:
Any personal information we hold will be securely protected with not only internal security measures, but also data protection guidelines. Our security measures are updated regularly to ensure that your personal information is not accessible to anyone other than Theories Landscapes Ltd.

Gathering of Information:
This website is used to voluntarily gather useful information about its users. This information may include personal details such as name, email, address and other more registration related questions. This information will only be used for internal purposes, to help us understand more about our clients and will not be sold or provided to any third parties.
The information we ask for will be used purely for internal purposes, to improve our website, and our marketing. It also gives us useful research so we can make improvements to our products and services to benefit our customers.

Changing or Deleting Information:
Any information we store will be as up to date as possible, and will depend entirely on information provided to us by the user. We are happy to amend or delete information on any user should they request it.

This site may contain "links" to other websites. We make every effort to only link to sites that share our high standards of privacy and service. We try our best to ensure that these links are safe for children. We recommend that if in doubt any links are checked by a parent or guardian before allowing the child to visit. We cannot be responsible for the content on any website we link to.
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